FreeBSD Port: wget-1.8.2_6

Adam McLaurin freebsd at
Fri Apr 15 15:03:42 PDT 2005

Hi Simon,

I'm just curious why we are hanging on to Wget 1.8.x as we are. The Wget
website clearly states "The latest stable version of Wget is 1.9.1.". In
fact, we don't even have the 1.9.x line in ports (ftp/wget is 1.8.x,
ftp/wget-devel is 1.10.x).

Why not bring ftp/wget up to 1.9.x ?


On Fri, 15 Apr 2005 23:51:30 +0200, "Simon L. Nielsen"
<simon at> said:

> As flz said, wgetpro is also affected by the vulnerabilities, I don't
> know the other ones.
> The new wget 1.10alpha1 and newer aren't affected, so I just updated
> VuXML to state this.  Note that I haven't tried the new wget, so I
> don't know how stable etc. it is, but it might be with a try (it's the
> ftp/wget-devel port at the moment).
> -- 
> Simon L. Nielsen

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