dependencies not prompting for options

Alejandro Pulver alejandro at
Thu Apr 14 12:13:23 PDT 2005


I am making a port that has a meta-port and 5 ports. The meta-port has
an OPTIONS dialog to choose wich ports to install, and each of them also
have options (for building). However, when I choose the ports from the
meta-port, they use the default building options instead of prompting
for them.

These are the ports:

pmars         - meta-port
pmars-sdl     - SDL version
pmars-x11     - X11 version
pmars-curses  - Console (CURSES) version
pmars-no-gui  - No GUI version
pmars-doc     - General documentation (man, examples, etc.)

The meta-port uses a RUN_DEPENDS to call the others. Like:

.if defined(WITH_SDL)
RUN_DEPENDS+=	pmars-sdl:${PORTSDIR}/games/pmars-sdl

Thanks and Best Regards,

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