FreeBSD Port: portlint-2.7.1

Gregg Cooper bsdcrank at
Wed Apr 13 18:19:20 PDT 2005


You're _fast_!

After skimming your portlint updates, and harti's make parsing code (both
over my head), and the concerns raised over harti's good work, my
quick-n-dirty curiosity-enlightens grep:

find /usr/ports/ -name Makefile -exec grep -H \
{} ';'

yields the following (even after harti graciously fixed several ports):

/usr/ports/devel/linux-understand_ada/Makefile:.endif /* NOPORTDOCS */
/usr/ports/devel/linux-understand_c/Makefile:.endif /* NOPORTDOCS */
/usr/ports/devel/linux-understand_java/Makefile:.endif /* NOPORTDOCS */
/usr/ports/mail/dspam/Makefile:.        elseif defined(WITH_POSTGRESQL)
/usr/ports/mail/dspam-devel/Makefile:.  elseif defined(WITH_POSTGRESQL)
/usr/ports/net/rp-pppoe/Makefile:.endif /* NOPORTDOCS */
/usr/ports/news/newsx/Makefile:.else !defined(WITHOUT_INN_2-X)

Ports transcode and newsx are probably getting undesired results, but they
put the slip on portlint. I'm sure you aren't interested in full
make/c/ruby/xyz parsing, and a line needs to be drawn somewhere ... but since
you were _so_ fast with the last update, I thought I'd share my learning
experience - along with the commendation!


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