mozilla's install hanging on amd64

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Mon Apr 11 13:34:55 PDT 2005

El Monday 11 April 2005 21:44, Roman Neuhauser escribió:
> # scottl at / 2005-04-11 10:34:48 -0600:
> > Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> > >My whole point, Scott, is that there is nothing special about "my
> > > gcc flags". NOTHING. Setting CPUTYPE to match one's processor
> > > flavor is a long-documented way to do things -- fact. Such
> > > setting results in the corresponding -march=XXX automatically --
> > > fact. All ports must handle this. Those that can not are broken.
> > > Plan and simple. There is nothing to argue: `-O -pipe
> > > -march=opteron' must work.
> <snip/>
>     I think this thread shows that there is a need for a written
> policy on -march / -mcpu / -mtune gcc options in ports. Heated
> discussions like this one could be avoided if the Porters Handbook
> included an article or chapter on this.

And more work in /usr/share/mk/  Beggining with a way to take 
in account what gcc will be used (we can't use -mtune for gcc 
<3.4 ...).

And a more conservative approach (-march=pentium/pentiun-mmx/i686 and 
-mtune/-mcpu to the real cpu).

But my skill are not in the way. I prefer cut CFLAGS in conflictive 

>     Whether that policy was "-march= must work" or "-march= is
>     unsupported" or "ports should filter out -march= if they break
> with it, patches for -march-related bugs welcome" (most reasonable
> IMNSHO) would be a matter of consensus, but would be a boon to have.
>     MFT set to ports@ and doc at .

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