mozilla's install hanging on amd64

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Mon Apr 11 11:06:29 PDT 2005

> > Even a broken thing can be useful to some.
> Is my car broken because it can't go 300km/hr?  A Porshe can, so
> shouldn't mine be able to?

A better analogy would be a car running only 87-rated gasoline. Nothing in its 
manual would suggest anything about it, but it just would not run on anything 

BTW, a complete rebuild with `-O0 -g -march=opteron' causes the same problem. 
If, however, I cd into /opt/lib/mozilla and run the hanging command manually 
it succeeds instantly...

> But I don't play with custom gcc options.

You keep saying "play" and "custom" -- there is nothing like that. I'm just 
following the documented (in example and in manual page) procedure -- setting 
the CPUTYPE. This just in, however:


> Shouting to everyone that mozilla is BROKEN doesn't help this very much.

If you scroll up this thread, you'll notice, that I only began to "shout" in 
response to suggestion, that the failure is my own fault, because I added a 
"non-standard and un-supported" compiler flag. The suggestion was yours and 
you should admit -- if only for the record -- you were wrong.

Most likely there is a subtle bug somewhere inside Mozilla, that is exposed by 
the -march=opteron setting. We should be thankful, a reliable way to 
reproduce it is now known :-)


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