gdesklets-starterbar-0.31.2_1 with py24-xdg-0.9

Chris Haulmark chris at
Sun Apr 10 13:15:20 PDT 2005

Has anyone got this combination working?

I could not be able to add icons or starter applications without getting
several errors:

(yelp-bin:68232): Yelp-WARNING **: Could not locate section n for

(yelp-bin:68232): Yelp-WARNING **: Could not locate section n for

(yelp-bin:68232): Yelp-WARNING **: Could not locate section n for

The list goes on...

I want to know if anyone has this combination working, if not, then I
can downgrade to py24-xdg-0.8 as some forum threads said to do.

Here is an example thread:

Here is some important info of my system:

home# uname -a
FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p6 FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p6 #4: Sun Apr
3 22:08:26 CDT 2005     chris at

home# pkg_info | grep gnome
evolution-webcal-2.2.0 Webcal(endar) handler for gnome
gdesklets-gnomebar-0.20_2 A lightweight replacement for the gnome panel
gnome-backgrounds-2.10.0 A collection of backgrounds for GNOME 2
gnome-icon-theme-2.10.1 A collection of icons for the GNOME 2 desktop
gnome-icons-gentoo-test-0.1_1 Gentoo-Test Icons for Gnome
gnome-menus-2.10.1_1 Implementation of the FreeDesktop Desktop Menu Spec
gnome-themes-2.10.0 A collection of themes and icons for GNOME2 designed
for ac
gnome2-2.10.0_1     The "meta-port" for the GNOME 2 integrated X11
gnomeapplets2-2.10.0_1 Applets components for the Gnome 2 Desktop
gnomeaudio2-2.0.0   Sound files for use with GNOME 2
gnomecontrolcenter2-2.10.0_2 Control center for GNOME 2 project
gnomedesktop-2.10.0 Additional UI API for GNOME 2
gnomedocutils-0.1.3 GNOME doc utils
gnomegames2-2.10.0_1 The game applications package for the Gnome 2
Desktop Envir
gnomehier-2.0_6     A utility port that creates the GNOME directory tree
gnomekeyring-0.4.2  A program that keeps passwords and other secrets
gnomemag-0.12.0_1   GNOME screen magnifier
gnomemedia2-2.10.0_3 Multimedia applications for the GNOME 2 desktop
gnomemimedata-2.4.2 A MIME and Application database for GNOME
gnomenetstatus-2.10.0 A GNOME applet that shows network status
gnomenettool-1.2.0,1 A GNOME utility that provides network information
gnomepanel-2.10.1   Panel component for the GNOME 2 Desktop
gnomesession-2.10.0 Session component for the GNOME 2 desktop
gnomespeech-0.3.6_2 GNOME text-to-speech API
gnomespell-1.0.5_5  A GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking
gnomesystemmonitor-2.10.0 GNOME 2 system monitor program
gnomesystemtools-1.2.0_2 Tools to configure workstations
gnometerminal-2.10.0_1 Terminal component for the GNOME 2 Desktop
gnomeuserdocs2-2.8.1 GNOME 2 users guide
gnomeutils2-2.10.0,1 GNOME 2 support utilities
gnomevfs2-2.10.0_1  GNOME Virtual File System
gstreamer-plugins-gnomevfs-0.8.8_3 Gstreamer gnomevfs plugin
gucharmap-gnome-1.4.3_1 A Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
libgail-gnome-1.1.0_1 An implementation of the ATK interfaces for GNOME
libgnome-2.10.0     Libraries for GNOME, a GNU desktop environment
libgnomecanvas-2.10.0_1 A graphics library for GNOME
libgnomecups-0.2.0_1,1 Support library for gnome cups admistration
libgnomeprint-2.10.3 Gnome print support library
libgnomeprintui-2.10.2 Gnome print support library
libgnomeui-2.10.0_1 Libraries for the GNOME GUI, a GNU desktop
py24-gnome-2.10.0   A set of Python bindings for GNOME 2
py24-gnome-extras-2.10.0_3 A set of Python bindings for GNOME 2
system-tools-backends-1.2.0_1 Backend system admin scripts for
xscreensaver-gnome-4.21 Save your screen while you entertain your cat
(for GNOME us

home# pkg_info | grep python
py24-xdg-0.9        A python library to access standards
python-2.4.1        An interpreted object-oriented programming language

I may have overlooked something when I only did portinstall gdesklets
and then gdesklets-starterbar.  I got few other gdesklets applets
running fine.  Only the weather did not display any graphics...

Gnome-bar works great...just can't add an application..seems like I have
to edit a python script.

Any insights on what I could be doing wrong with the starterbar or that
if the combination of starterbar and xdg versions are invaild?


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