I need to add some lines into ports PLIST file AFTER all info-related stuff.

Lev at mail.telix.ru Lev at mail.telix.ru
Sun Apr 10 04:37:51 PDT 2005

Hello freebsd-ports,

  Ports system automagically add lines for deletion of non-standard prefix directory into PLIST file.

  But here are one problem: I need to delete additional directory (${PREFIX}/mingw32), and I have INFO files in this path!

  So, all info-related stuff goes AFTER last line of `pkg-plist' and even AFTER `post-install' target. I can not add deleteion of `${PREFIX}/mingw32' because it will not be last lines in PLIST in any case!

  How could I alter PLIST after ALL other stuff?

  Nom I'm overwriting `add-plist-post' target (and copy it standard content too, of course), but it is don't look like good idea.

Best regards,
 Lev                          mailto:lev at FreeBSD.org

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