56 unfetchable unmaintained ports - candidates for removal

Sam Lawrance boris at brooknet.com.au
Thu Apr 7 07:11:00 PDT 2005

I have accumulated these for a little while. Reasonable attempts to make
them fetchable again by finding a new home or archive have failed, so
they should be decent candidates for removal.

I think they should be marked DEPRECATED and given an EXPIRATION_DATE.
Maybe some of them don't deserve it - in that case let me know.

List attached.


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archivers/libcabinet Gone
astro/fooseti Gone. Last release in 2001
audio/gdrdao Gone. It was on sourceforge, it's not there now
audio/mp3butler Master site is up, but entirely void of content
audio/mp3chew Gone. As noted in makefile, it's gone
audio/replay Not on sunsite. Home page gone
audio/sonice Gone. Old mastersite is now a domain holder
audio/xmixer Gone
cad/ziarc Gone. Old mastersite is still going, ziarc no longer on it
comms/zmtx-zmrx Gone
converters/cn2jp Gone
databases/p5-Search-Namazu Couldn't find distribution on namazu.org, author's site, or CPAN
devel/avltree *BSD backups seem to be the only place the distfile can be found
devel/cvsadmin Gone
devel/korelib site up, distfile not available. last release 2002
devel/parrot Gone
devel/py-istring Site up, distfile listed on page but 404. Owner contacted
devel/terminality Site gone. No trace elsewhere, looks long dead
devel/qtk Gone. Looks dead
devel/wizard Mastersite gone. Author tried to find new maintainer in 2002. Dead
devel/yacl Master site gone. No trace at sc.edu. Dead
dns/ddup Master site gone. Old news
dns/dlint Master site down. Last release 2000
editors/dte Master site gone. First and last version in port is from 2000.
editors/emacs20-dl Master site gone. http://www.m17n.org/mule/index.en.html doesn't look active.
editors/emacs20-mule-devel Master site gone. http://www.m17n.org/mule/index.en.html doesn't look active.
editors/sted Couldn't find a new master site. Plus there are plenty of other choices in there :)
games/battleball Couldn't find a new master site.
games/columns No longer on master site.
games/crossword Master site gone.
games/gniffel Gone
games/powerpak Gone
games/pythoong Gone
games/smacx Gone
games/tictactoe3d Gone. It's all freebsd mirrors
games/xchain Debian's archive has 1.0.1 (port is 1.0.2). Not much apart from that
games/xeyesplus Can't find on author's site
games/xjumpjump Gone
games/xmj Gone
games/xnibbles Gone
games/xothello Gone
games/xsol Gone
games/xsoldier If you'd like to save this port, newer versions are at a new maintainer's page here: http://www.interq.or.jp/libra/oohara/xsoldier/ .  They'll need some porting
graphics/diacanvas Obsoleted by diacanvas2
graphics/g3dviewer Gone
graphics/mgp-gallery Gone from mastersite
graphics/entice Mastersite gone - looks like it was a snapshot from CVS. enlightenment.org hasn't made any releases, it's all cvs
graphics/vid Sourceforge site up http://ovtvid-bsd.sourceforge.net/, offsite download link is dead
graphics/xbarcode nodetree.net looks parked. similar functionality from graphics/barcode
graphics/xmms-xvs Gone
graphics/py-imaging-handbook Having a port mirror a web page, especially when there's no single distfile, is a bit sick
mail/crashecho SF site up but dead (crashecho)
mail/gmime Could update to 1.0.8, but nothing in the tree uses it. gmime-2 seems to be the active choice
mail/libspf Could update to libspf-1.0.0rc6, but again nothing uses it. libspf2 looks to be a more popular choice
mail/ml Gone
mail/mreport Original mastersite up but empty, link on author's personal site dead

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