Patching files with spaces in the name

Antonio Carlos Venancio Junior antonio at
Thu Apr 7 04:31:30 PDT 2005


	do you have some examples?

Alex Varju wrote:
> While I'm sure this question must have come up in the past, I can't find 
> anything in the archives.  Is there any good method for patching source 
> files with spaces in the name?
> I'm looking at creating an eclipse-devel port for Eclipse 3.1m5a.  I've 
> already got something working now that allows me to build on AMD64 (see 
> the freebsd-java archives if you are interested).  Now I'm trying to 
> clean up my work, and one of the problems I've encountered is that 
> Eclipse uses spaces in many of their paths.  If I take a diff for 
> changes I've made to files within one of these directories, the patch 
> won't apply again afterwards.
> Are there any ports that deal with similar problems in an elegant manner?
> Thanks,
> Alex.


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