cervisia install fails

Mike O'Brien obrien at rush.aero.org
Wed Apr 6 16:12:36 PDT 2005

	A portupgrade of kde3 failed when it tried to
install "cervisia", KDE's link to "subversion".  It was
the install of "subversion" that failed, as detailed in
my prior message.

	The problem turned out to be an old version of
/usr/local/include/apache2, which had an include file
used by subversion, but which did not define something
subversion expected to find there.  Manually removing
that directory did the trick.

	I mention this to the ports list because I had
done "pkg_deinstall apache2" earlier to prevent just this
sort of problem, but the deinstall failed to remove that
directory for some bizarre reason.  That's worth a flag
in the mail archives so the next poor schlub with this
problem will find the answer.

Mike O'Brien

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