mod_tsa anyone?

Joel rees at
Wed Apr 6 05:04:53 PDT 2005

Talking to myself in public:

> Tomorrow, first thing when I get to work, I'm going to try untarring the
> mod_tsa patches for mod_ssl into the ports/www/apache13-modssl/files
> directory and running make.

No, that's not right. I didn't read the instructions correctly.

mod_tsa is just a module, but it depends on mod_ssl being compiled with
the EAPI, I should be able to pass that in through the configure flags,
if they aren't there already. 

It's openssl which needs the patches, and I have no idea whatsoever
where I could put them for that. It seems like
/usr/src/secure/usr.bin/openssl would be the place, but I can't see
anything in there that gives me the clue I need, even if I could get
arrange to get openssl to update to 0.9.7e. 

So what is the usual approach when you need the latest-greatest of
something the system uses?

Is there any advantage to storing the mod_tsa source under
/usr/ports/something? I don't think the make file contains enough for
the ports or package management to work on it.

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