Mono on FreeBSD:

Tom McLaughlin tmclaugh at
Tue Apr 5 21:56:12 PDT 2005

I just wanted to let any FreeBSD users interested in Novell's Mono to
know that Novell has let me add a FreeBSD page to  I've tried to put as much relevant
information up about Mono on FreeBSD that I could think of.  If anyone
has any suggestions, please let me know.  The page is here:

I would also like to let FreeBSD users know that the BSD# project exists
for Mono on FreeBSD.  Right now the Mono port on FreeBSD (lang/mono) is
maintained by the BSD# project, headed up by Jeremy Messenger and
myself.  We also maintain most all ports dependent on Mono.  Any
interested users are welcome to subscribe to the bsd-sharp-list mailing
list hosted on Novell Forge. (Link on page.)  That list is for any
problems with Mono or related apps on FreeBSD.

In addition we have a CVS repository for all the applications we
maintain.  All new Mono releases from their stable line go in there for
a few days before Jeremy commits them.  We also keep the latest
development release in there for the lead up to the next stable release
line.  (1.2 is expected the end of this month or beginning of next
month.)  All other updated ports go in there for a few days as well.  We
like to see updates to the FreeBSD ports tree be as smooth as possible
for users.  Anybody interested in using these ports should use the
mono-merge script found on our page.  Anybody wanting to use the
development Mono port, which is recommended at this point, should:

1) uninstall their old mono port
2) run `mono-merge -D'
3) install the lang/mono-devel port
4) recompile any ports dependent on Mono.

Mono isn't without it's troubles on FreeBSD unfortunately.  We still
have issues with libpthread which have prevented XSP for ASP.NET and
MonoDevelop from running correctly.  Thanks to Bill Middleton though
we've seen XSP for the first time be able to serve up a page without
crashing.  Hopefully XSP and MonoDevelop will be ready for the ports
tree soon.

That leads me to my last bit in this email, we're always looking for
volunteers.  No previous C# or .NET experience necessary, we have enough
work to go around.  We can always use more eyes looking at Mono's
threading issues.  A short summary of the problems are here:

We could also use some more ports.  There are a number of interesting
ones we don't have and a few that may be a version or so behind.  At
this point I want to go back to learning C#, the reason I started this
project, so porting new apps and updating existing ports has
unfortunately dropped a little lower on my TODO list.  If anyone has
anything to send, please send it to our mailing list and we can commit

Anywhew, I just wanted people here to know there is now a resource for
FreeBSD users interested in Mono and that the BSD# project which has
existed for some months now is out there maintaining Mono and trying to
build a FreeBSD/Mono community.


BSD# Project - Porting Mono to FreeBSD

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