acpi_perf compilation problems/need help

tastynachos at tastynachos at
Tue Apr 5 11:34:40 PDT 2005

I am in the final stages of completing a port for those who are to lazy to compile acpi_perf, and cpufreq from CVS.
I am running into a few issues, I am hoping someone can assist me. The distfile is divided into three directories:
 * acpi_perf
 * cpufreq
 * powernow
Each directory has a seperate Makefile, the issue comes from comliling each one during make install. Right now the port Makefile looks like this:
        cd ${WRKDIR}/modules/acpi_perf ; make install
        cd ${WRKDIR}/modules/cpufreq ; make install
        cd ${WRKDIR}/modules/powernow ; make install
        @{MV} /boot/kernel/acpi_perf.ko ${INSTALLDIR}
        @{MV} /boot/kernel/cpufreq.ko ${INSTALLDIR}
        @{MV} /boot/kernel/powernow.ko ${INSTALLDIR}

Obviously very messy. I am not good at Makefiles yet, can someone please offer some advice on a more efficient way to handle this? I have attached the Makefiles for both acpi_perf and cpufreq
(The MV is to comply with port rules of going into /usr/local)

# acpi_perf
CFLAGS+=        -I@/contrib/dev/acpica
KMOD=           acpi_perf
WARNS?=         2
SRCS=           acpi_perf.c
SRCS+=          acpi_if.h bus_if.h cpufreq_if.h device_if.h opt_acpi.h \

.include <>

# cpufreq
KMOD=           cpufreq
WARNS?=         2
SRCS=           ichss.c est.c p4tcc.c
SRCS+=          bus_if.h cpufreq_if.h device_if.h pci_if.h

.include <>

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