Various ports marked broken, WANT_AUTOCONF

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Thu Sep 30 04:33:31 PDT 2004

On Thursday 30 September 2004 10:17, you wrote:

> The reason is there.

Maybe. And maybe it would be more obvious for people that have some concept of  
how the BSD ports system works, unlike me. But due to the evidence below, I'm 
not so sure.

> (But I'm inclined to assume KDE makes people blind 
> to see the obvious if it's not fancy colored and blinking...)

Stereotypes provide such a fascinating insight into a person.

> > ===>  openoffice-1.1.2_1 is marked as broken: WANT_AUTOCONF deprecated:
> > replace with WANT_AUTOCONF_VER=....
> It can't be any clearer than that, some Mk/bsd.port.*mk must be changed,
> and the ports need to state which autoconf version they need.

About as clear as mud. Seems that I had accidentally installed the i386 
version of cvsup rather than amd64 (got it hard coded into my brain to cd 
into the i386 directory, not amd64).

Now I've rm -rf'd /usr/ports, checked it out again with the proper version of 
cvsup, and things seem to be working again. Despite there being no 
WANT_AUTOCONF, or WANT_AUTOCONF_VER in any of the ports, now or never.

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