FreeBSD Port: mplayer-0.99.5_2

Thomas E. Zander riggs at
Wed Sep 29 14:37:57 PDT 2004


On Wed, 29. Sep 2004, at 17:54 +0100, R. W. wrote
according to [Re: FreeBSD Port: mplayer-0.99.5_2]:

> > mplayer can only be linked to arts if WITHOUT_GUI is specified
> > because of conflicting glib versions.
> I don't know much about sound, and I only noticed the conflict after I'd 
> built it and used it for some time, but in practice I find that mplayer 
> works fine under KDE 3.3 without linking arts.

Yep, lofi and I introduced this arts-or-gui situation once because this
was the way to prevent mplayer from picking up conflicting glib

Please, feel free to play with it and report working/not working
combinations of guis and arts.


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