Heimdal 0.6.3

Petr Holub hopet at ics.muni.cz
Mon Sep 27 03:45:58 PDT 2004


would it be possible to bump heimdal-0.6.1 in ports to current
version 0.6.3?


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Recent reports claim that Heimdal release 0.6.3 has been spotted at:


The main attraction is a fix for the remote ftpd vulnerability, as
found in all Berkeley derived variants.

Changes in release 0.6.3

 * fix vulnerabilities in ftpd

 * support for linux AFS /proc "syscalls"

 * support for RFC3244 (Windows 2000 Kerberos Change/Set Password) in

 * fix possible KDC denial of service

 * bug fixes

Love, Assar, Jacques, and Johan

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