[Ports] Regina Rexx 3.3 (rexx-regina)

Simon Barner barner at gmx.de
Sun Sep 26 18:32:19 PDT 2004

Christophe Prevotaux wrote:
> I am willing to make the ports, as long as I can get
> help if I am stuck the port making process and articulation
> among all the packages.

Excellent :-)

> Please provide me with pointers to documentation on ports
> making if you require me to make the ports myself.


or -- if you installed the documentation set -- also an your local hard
drive (/usr/share/doc/...)

Hint: There are 11000+ examples in the ports collection. Use them :-)

> Also please tell me how to submit them once done.

send-pr(1), its usage is covered in the Porter's Handbook.

If you need assistance, feel free to ask in this mailing list (if provide
the exact error messages, and put your current results on a web server,
etc.  it will be easier to help you!)

Happy porting,
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