mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin vs mail/postgrey

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Sat Sep 25 17:15:07 PDT 2004

If you're running spam assassin in combination with a real mail
server (i.e. not only using it after you've popped mail from your
ISP), have a look at greylisting with for example mail/postgrey

A random day before we used greylisting:
root at mag:~# bzcat /var/log/viruscan.6.bz2 | grep "code 4"  | wc
     282    4948   29875
root at mag:~# bzcat /var/log/maillog.6.bz2 | grep "identified spam" | wc
     773   11595   83109

A random day since we've been using greylisting:

root at mag:~# grep "code 4" /var/log/viruscan | wc
      14     196    1483
root at mag:~# grep "identified spam" /var/log/maillog| wc
      38     570    4112
I think you can call that "decapitated".

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