Can maildrop and courier-imap coexist?

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Sat Sep 25 17:00:14 PDT 2004


I trends to use sendmail+maildrop+courier-imap on FreeBSD, mainly for make  
sendmail maildir ready.

But I allways end doing this from sources, due to disagree on ports  

Can this be workarround on ports?

I've problems now with

  - collision on bin/deliverquota
  - divergences on other bins, related to USERDB
  - diverdences on db defaults
  - lost od WITH_MAILDROP_DEFAULT option on maildrop
    to make ~/Maildir the default maildrop.

As a minimum, can be patched to:

  - use same db defaults (--with-db=db).
  - install the scripts as ${PREFIX}/libexec/${port}.${script}
  - make the bin links in a pkg-install script
    I prefer courier-imap defaults, admin things under ${PREFIX}/sbin

Also, seems possible here that courier-imap doesn't install the scripts  
maildrop install and RUN_DEPENDS on it.

Thanks in advance,


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