OpenOffice 1.1 build failure

Jason Harmening gte990t at
Fri Sep 24 21:46:32 PDT 2004


I've been using OpenOffice on my 5.2.1-RELEASE system for quite some type.  
However, every time OpenOffice is build (for example during a portupgrade), 
the build fails.  Specifically, the build fails for the freetype project, 
with the following three errors:


./ at line 21: / not 
./ at line 21: / not 
 This error happens because the $(OBJ_DIR) environment variable is not set--it 
should be set to ./

gmake: /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1/work/oo_1.1.2_src/freetype/ 
Command not found

This error happens because libtool is actually located 
in /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1/work/oo_1.1.2_src/freetype/

ftconfig.h: No such file or directory

This error happens because ftconfig.h is actually located 
in /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1/work/oo_1.1.2_src/freetype/

I have lived with these errors for several months, and I am able to fix them  
by going into the work directories for the build and manually editing/copying 
files, but this is tremendously inconvenient.  Any help would be appreciated.

Jason Harmening

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