Repeating characters w/ Vino

Scott I. Remick scott at
Fri Sep 24 08:45:10 PDT 2004

I decided to try using Vino after having used VNC/TightVNC for some time to
connect to additional desktops. My goal was to be able to control my main
desktop (:0). Either way, I'm tunneling over ssh.

For the most part, it works great, except that I have a new problem that I
never had before with the VNC/TightVNC servers: random repeating characters.
These seem to appear during brief moments of latency (I'm running remotely
over the internet). No matter how carefully I type, a single "e" might turn
into "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Editing is also a pain, since a single press of
[Del] can also get repeated to great lengths. Of particular annoyance are
also things like CTRL-W. :(

This behavior is with everything else staying the same. If I switch back to
the VNC/TightVNC server and connect to a screen on :1 again, the problem
goes away. 

Has anyone else noticed this?

I'm on FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE and have Vino 2.7.92

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