Problem with graphics/php4-gd

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Thu Sep 23 08:18:10 PDT 2004

# nikageek at / 2004-09-23 14:16:52 +0200:
> Well, I didn't change anything on /etc/make.conf, but when I compile
> php I added this options:
> --with-gd --with-png --with-jpeg --with-mysql --with-zlib
> And some others that havn't relation with gd or graphics.
> In httpd-error.log there isn't any error about this.
> I'm compiling it with te options you tell and waiting to know if that works.

# nikageek at / 2004-09-23 17:04:11 +0200:
> After compiling with the options you tell me It gives me the same error.
> I only delete from Makefile the --disable-all option, can this be the
> problem??

    Your problem very likely has to do with the fact that you don't seem
    to know what you're doing, e. g. specifying just --with-gd results
    in PHP using its bundled gd. Revert the changes you have made (best
    done with a cvsup), and try again, limiting yourself to the
    user-targeted knobs this time. In case of ports, this usually doesn't
    include direct modifications of the configure switches used.

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