raoul.megelas raoul.megelas at
Sun Sep 19 12:44:09 PDT 2004


this patch is a workaround to prevent hangs on an incoming signal ring to the
ltmdm device. This happens when the s0 register is not initialized.
Initializing the S0 register even at a 0 value, avoid panics.
Of course it is a workaround. I have not yet checked the code.
The hardware: Inspiron 8000 DELL.
OS: FreeBSD 6.0 from September 9.

If you think it can be useful, you can commit it if necessary.

	raoul.megelas at

---	Sun Sep 19 21:33:27 2004
+++	Sun Sep 19 21:32:54 2004
@@ -33,2 +33,3 @@
     kldload ${PREFIX}/share/ltmdm/ltmdm.ko
+    echo "ats0=0">/dev/cual0
     echo -n ' ltmdm'

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