Drop of portindex

Lev Serebryakov lev at FreeBSD.org
Sat Sep 18 12:38:54 PDT 2004

Hello Radim,

Tuesday, September 14, 2004, 4:56:20 PM, you wrote:

>> Are there any problems with portindex?
RK> No, there were some minor problems with annoying portindex's users, but
RK> there have been fully fixed today by killing portindex.
>> Radim, can you please clarify under what licence you've released the
>> previous versions of portindex?
RK> There was no licence actually, i have forgot it. Thanks God for it!
RK> This my mistake makes killing portindex very easy. Copyright laws
RK> disables use and distribuition unless you have permission from by
RK> author, which you don't have.
>> as portindex is a great program and many people (myself included)
>> started to like it (and use it).
RK> Yes. This is the main reason why project was dropped. I dislike when
RK> some of MY material activity becomes too successful. It will screw up
RK> my spiritual life because I am not very strong in that area. Spiritual
RK> life is so sweet, that after you have tasted it, you will throw out
RK> anything just for keeping it.
RK> Anything includes even topmost material pleasures like money, sex,
RK> fame, alcohol, meat, family, friends, own life.
  Radim, I have only one question: where can I buy some weed, which you smoke?
  I even can go to Prague for it. :)

Best regards,
 Lev                            mailto:lev at FreeBSD.org

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