Fw: Re: Drop of portindex

Ísak Ben. isak at isak.is
Thu Sep 16 02:44:01 PDT 2004

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On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 09:18:47AM +0000, Ísak Ben. wrote:
> Someone with the skills and the time could write another "portindex" to do exactly the same thing but all 
> new code and a GPL style license.....and voila, problem solved.  Could this be the solution or am i just 
> spewing out nonsense ?

Yes, that'd entirely be possible. The only restriction would
probably that you must not use parts of the original "portindex"

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I accidentally sent this to only Volker instead of the list....im sure he doesn't mind if i send it now with his 
reply inlcuded.

Ísak Ben,

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