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Volker Stolz stolz at i2.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Sep 16 01:56:05 PDT 2004

In gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports, you wrote:
> Unfortunately, the "we" in that last paragraph includes a lot of
> people, including many people who are not the official developers
> of "the ports collection".  Perhaps this means that the ports
> collection will need to police the licenses of anything which
> claims to operate on the ports collection, just to avoid this
> confusion.  I do not know what the best solution would be.

Speaking as a ports-committer, I already had one or two instances of new
submissions where I evtl. got the submission polished up to
commit-quality, but then decided to ditch my effort because I couldn't
make heads nor tails of the license (especially more so for non-native
speakers). Another example while looking for advice was: "The license
was good enough for NetBSD, so it should be sufficient for us".
Indeed not a favourable situation.
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