Drop of portindex

Mike Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Wed Sep 15 17:26:46 PDT 2004

Robin Schoonover wrote:

> On Wed, 15 Sep 2004 18:33:54 +0200
> Michael Nottebrock <michaelnottebrock at gmx.net> wrote:
>>Yes, that concerns me as well. One thing that surely can be learnt
>>from this episode is that ports committers (not excluding myself here)
>>need to be more careful about the licensing situation of software
>>before committing it to ports (I was told previous version of
>>portindex had stuff like "(c) 2004 Radim Kolar, GPL"  in one source
>>file and "public domain" in another, but no general license attached
>>to the whole package).
> Just to continue the confusion, (on his site) he also listed the
> software on his site as being distributed as "Open Source" with a link
> to the OSI site. 

Before uninstalling it, I checked out the python files. 
There are six files included in the package.

Two say "GPL v2" (freebsdports.py, updatereadmes.py)
One says "# (c) Radim Kolar 2004, GPL" (indexer.py)
One says "Public Domain" (bsdpkg.py)

The remaining two have no hint of a copyright notice. 
Clearly the author intended to distribute the code under the 
GPL.  However, not being a lawyer and all, I wouldn't want 
to stake anything on the fact that what little copyright 
notice was given amounts to actual license terms.

Of course, the author clearly doesn't want his software 
distributed, so it would (IMO) violate the spirit of 
community software development to go against his wishes, but 
the legal footing for the package is pretty confusing.


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