Drop of portindex

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at cox.net
Wed Sep 15 07:31:27 PDT 2004

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:56:20 +0200, Radim Kolar <hsn at netmag.cz> wrote:

> > Are there any problems with portindex?
> No, there were some minor problems with annoying portindex's users,
> but there have been fully fixed today by killing portindex.

I take it that you mean anyone asking you any questions about your work
was an annoyance to you?  Would you prefer that no one showed an
interest at all?

> > Radim, can you please clarify under what licence you've released the
> > previous versions of portindex?
> There was no licence actually, i have forgot it. Thanks God for it!
> This my mistake makes killing portindex very easy. Copyright laws
> disables use and distribuition unless you have permission from by
> author, which you don't have.

So, you are, in effect, expressly forbidding anyone from using
or further developing portindex henceforth?

> > as portindex is a great program and many people (myself included)
> > started to like it (and use it).
> Yes. This is the main reason why project was dropped. I dislike when
> some of MY material activity becomes too successful. It will screw up
> my spiritual life because I am not very strong in that area. Spiritual
> life is so sweet, that after you have tasted it, you will throw out
> anything just for keeping it. Anything includes even topmost material
> pleasures like money, sex, fame, alcohol, meat, family, friends, own
> life.

This, as a philosophy to live by, strikes me as utterly bizarre and
nonsensical.  Having your work appreciated by others causes you problems
with your spiritual life?  How exactly?

If this is the case, then your philosophy would seem to dictate that you
never do anything at all, lest someone else appreciate it or (God
forbid!) actually praise you for it.  What kind of life is that?

I think you're mistaking positive feedback for something which
necessarily must inflate your ego, which is an absurd connection to

> > But I could take maintainership for the port, if that would help!
> This will not solve the main problem.

What would solve the problem?  And what exactly *is* the problem,

> Folks, portindex is now history. I am now playing with writeable ufs2
> snapshots.

Why would you assume anyone will be interested in any other work you may
produce, given the attitude you're displaying here?  You may as well
completely abandon all material pursuits, go find a nice, cozy cave
somewhere, and sit there in complete isolation, doing absolutely
nothing, not even trying to sustain your own existence, until you rot.

My God, what peculiar notions some people have when it comes to God and
spirituality.  As Seinfeld would say, "Good luck with *that*."

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