sysutils/k3b and burncd(8)

Mikhail Teterin mi at
Wed Sep 15 06:37:05 PDT 2004

> > The k3b application seems unable to use FreeBSD's burncd(8) utility
> > to burn on IDE CD/DVD devices. It supports many other burning
> > back-ends, so adding it should not be too difficult, but I don't
> > want to duplicate the work.

> > Is anyone working on it? At the moment one can only use k3b to
> > create an image and then burn it from command line...

> I don't know whether adding support for burncd makes too much sense,
> since you always can add atapicam support to your kernel and use k3b's
> cdrecord backend...

This seems like a serious kludge to me. If we did not have the burncd
utility, or if k3b did not support many different burners, I'd agree
with you, but since the app has supports the back-end diversity, I
think, we should use it. Yours,


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