Port requests plus how to add non-ports apps the right way

Esaltato esaltato at tele2.it
Tue Sep 14 07:00:22 PDT 2004

DISCLAIMER: absolutely no pressions intended on ports mantainers...

I hope it's ok to ask for new ports.
I saw an interesting article on http://www.gnomedesktop.org featuring a
panorama tool, called Hugin (a gnome gtk2 compliant program)
and I am really interested in trying it. In the article it was suggested
to use another command line application to do the assembling (named
Enblend), but it seems that Hugin itself may do the work right. But
since I would like not to mess up the system, a port would really be
welcome here :-)

More: I think FreeBSD needs a graphical partition editor, and there's
GParted that looks rather good. What about adding it to ports?

Anyhow what's the best way not to have files in wrong places when you
install a non-ports program? ...and to uninstall it later in a clean way?


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