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Simon Barner barner at
Tue Sep 14 03:02:55 PDT 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 14, 2004 at 03:15:14AM +0200, Simon Barner wrote:
> > > You may want to check out /etc/defaults/make.conf. Just cp that file
> > > to /etc/make.conf. That file is nicely documented in both man and the
> > > file it's self.
> > 
> > No, please don't copy the file: /etc/make.conf should be used to
> > override the defaults (or to set options that don't have default values).
> > (This has been mentioned in the lists for numerous times, please check the
> > archives for more details).
> Actually make.conf is a special case.  Unlike say,
> /etc/defaults/rc.conf or /etc/defaults/periodic.conf which contain the
> default settings for the boot scripts or the periodic scripts, and
> whose counterparts in /etc should contain only those settings
> different to the defaults, and where you should never copy the whole
> file from /etc/defaults to /etc.

So I stand corrected - thanks!

> /etc/defaults/make.conf is not consulted by the make(1) system at all.
> That's why it has been moved to /usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf in

A much more appropriate and hier(7) conforming solution then...

> 5.x.  You can copy the default make.conf file into /etc as you wish.
> Note that the default file has everything commented out, but copious
> comments and examples of the most important make variables that you
> can use to customise building anything that uses make(1).  Equally,
> you can start with an empty file and just add in the settings you want
> to change from the defaults.

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