configuration of ports

Simon Barner barner at
Mon Sep 13 18:15:09 PDT 2004

> You may want to check out /etc/defaults/make.conf. Just cp that file
> to /etc/make.conf. That file is nicely documented in both man and the
> file it's self.

No, please don't copy the file: /etc/make.conf should be used to
override the defaults (or to set options that don't have default values).
(This has been mentioned in the lists for numerous times, please check the
archives for more details).

Reading the default file for getting an impression about what options
you might override is a good idea, though.

> The ports take car of running ./configure it's self.
> I would suggest reading man ports. It has a lot of nice info in it.
> The porters handbook may help shed lights on some things?
> If you want a nice example to look out check out multimedia/mplayer.
> It has a nice example of all three types of ports base configing there
> is... Some will bring up a ncurses menu of options, some will display
> some for a bit before compiling and ect, and then others will have
> ones not shown in the make file. Install mplayer and more the Makefile
> :)

Agreed with that :-) Theres also a section about the ports collection in
the handbook.

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