gcc295 and -march

Joel Ray Holveck joelh at piquan.org
Mon Sep 13 12:15:08 PDT 2004

> Does this behavior not already happen automatically?  I thought that
> if gcc 2 were used it would set it to the closest possible machine
> achitecture to what you specified in make.conf, such as "i686" if you
> had set "athlon".
> Note that 2.95 is still the default compiler on 4.x.

Hmmm... When I tried to build lang/clisp, which specifies USE_GCC=295,
it did pass -march=athlon to the compile.  GNU configure said that the
compiler couldn't produce an executable, so I checked the log and
gcc295 had flagged the athlon arch as an error.  I checked my CFLAGS
in make.conf and my environment and they were both '-O -pipe'.

When I then did a "make clean all CPUTYPE=''" it configured fine
(although it bombed during the build... haven't troubleshooted that
yet, sigh).  So I conclude that the USE_GCC doesn't prevent athlon
from being passed in the Makefile.

It may be the case that /usr/share/mk/* on 4.x does downgrade athlon
to i686 or whatever in all cases.


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