FreeBSD Port: etherboot-5.2.4_1 : wrong instructions

Rob spamrefuse at
Sun Sep 12 02:27:48 PDT 2004


The port has been upgraded, but the instructions have not.

/usr/ports/net/etherboot/pkg-descr says:

   To produce an etherboot floppy (or HD partition) do

         cd work/etherboot/src
         cat bin/boot1a.bin bin/<device>.zrom > /dev/fd0

   Replace <device> with the specific code for your card, and /dev/fd0
   with your hard disk partition.

However, these appear to be wrong instructions to create the floppy.
After doing the make in /usr/ports/net/etherboot,


do not exist, but instead these do exist:


What am I suppose to do with these files?

When I do 'make install', I get this message:

    Refer /usr/ports/net/etherboot/pkg-descr and
    for how to build and install the rom/floppy image.

But /usr/ports/net/etherboot/work/etherboot-5.2.4_1/doc
does not exist.


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