X11 driver not configured with OpenGL

Alexandr Kovalenko never at nevermind.kiev.ua
Thu Sep 9 00:36:59 PDT 2004

Hello, Patrick.Guelat at imp.ch!

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:21:23AM +0000, you wrote:

> >>You can always use 'make config' in a port to change these.
> >>'make showconfig' will show the current set/saved options
> >
> >I know, but it doesn't happen when doing portupgrade -aRv
> Yes, you are right. Maybe it would be good to make a change to
> bsd.ports.mk to display the options during a 'make build', so
> that one could see what options are being set/used.

I don't think so. On my workstation I run portupgrade -aRv by cron every
night. I think portupgrade or ports system should have option to disable
using stored configuration.

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