portsdb and ruby bug on 4-STABLE

Michael Nottebrock michaelnottebrock at gmx.net
Mon Sep 6 21:49:18 PDT 2004

On Monday 06 September 2004 19:58, Chris wrote:

> > fix it using rm INDEX* and then rebuild the index using portindex and
> > then rebuild the INDEX.db using portindexdb. Port upgrade now works
> > again. I have not seen this problem on for X, but did once on
> > 5.3beta3.

> This is an ongoing issue. It's appeard in 5.2.1-RELEASE also. To see
> just how many users ARE getting this, simply search the list Here, and
> in Questions for just the past 7 days.
> This IS an issue with 4.10, 5.2.1, and 5.XBeta
> The fix you mention DOES work, however, once you cvsup, run portsdb -u,
> its broken again.  I have tested several ways around this over the last
> 3 days.

A better workaround is this:

1.) Install the databases/ruby-bdb port.

2.) Set an environment variable PORTS_DBDRIVER to bdb-btree (or bdb_hash)

This will change the portsdb's database backend from the libc-builtin bdb1 to 
a later berkeley db (you can set which one via the WITH_BDB_VER switch in the 
ruby-bdb port).

You can also change the driver for pkgdb by setting PKG_DBDRIVER.

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