FreeBSD Port: popa3d-

John Von Essen john at
Mon Sep 6 21:23:54 PDT 2004

I have a question. When I install popa3d-before-smtp, I have the 
following conditions:

-popa3d is running, and logs to daemon facility
-/etc/mail/popauth.db is being updated with IP's
-popauth.m4 hack is installed

Here is the problem. The popauth.m4 hack is expecting data in the 
popauth map to look like:


Where the IP is allowed to relay. However, popa3d is putting 
data in popauth map such that it looks like:

<IP> <UNIX_TIME> 1064123123

The m4 hack is looking for a different format, and as a result the 
pop-before-smtp functionality is not working. Any ideas?


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