Failure in portsdd -Uu...

Donald J. O'Neill donaldj1066 at
Sat Sep 4 21:08:13 PDT 2004

Hi - Removing portmanager and portsman took care of the problem on 
my 5.2.1 system. Ruby no longer seg faults here. I don't know if 
portsdb -Uu works though. I use make index and portversion. 


Donald J. O'Neill
donaldj1066 at

On Saturday 04 September 2004 07:10 pm, Chris wrote:
> Your not the only one. Seems shit is really hitting the fan.
> Stuff seems to be breaking left and right in the last week.
> I have no clue as to what's going on w/FBSD - but it's like the
> folks doing quality and control are asleep at the wheel.
> If this is a known issue from before (as a thread eludes to) then
> for hell's sakes, why hasn't this been addressed.
> To the folks trying to hash out 5.3 - relax. Let it go. There
> seem to be too many other things in the mix that need a fixing -
> this is starting to look like a Windows-like role-out.
> Fix the known issues, then progress.
> Just my 3.5 cents worth cuz I am so pissed at the breakage of my
> 5.2.1 (that has been working for months, until the last 10 to 14
> days)


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