Bus Error in protsdb.rb updating INDEX.db

Michael Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Fri Sep 3 15:10:27 PDT 2004

* Dan Finn <dhrider at gmail.com> [040903 18:04]:
> How do you tell ruby to skip that line?  That might be at least a
> usable hack for some of us until this is fixed.

I went into portsdb.rb and did this around line 570:

             next if ignore_category?(port_info.category)

             origin = port_info.origin
             pkgname = port_info.pkgname

+            next if origin == 'databases/py-bsddb3'
+            next if origin == 'databases/py-cdb' 
+            next if origin == 'databases/py-gdbm'

             port_info.categories.each do |category|

You could also remove them from INDEX-5 but they'll just get put back
next time it gets rebuilt.

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