single precision fftw wanted

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Fri Sep 3 00:32:26 PDT 2004


In reply to Stephen Montgomery-Smith who wrote:
> Dear Lars and ports,
> I am interested in creating a port for gromacs ( 
> and it requires fftw built using single precision.  The super-easy way 
> is to create a port sfftw which is a copy of fftw with a line like
> CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --enable-float --enable-type-prefix
> added in.  Or I could add some kind of option to fftw.  Anyway, since 
> Lars is the maintainer of fftw I would like to coordinate with him about 
> it.  And I am copying this to ports as well just in case anyone else has 
> suggestions.

Hi, I'm just back from holidays. I think if we have the requirement of 
a single precision of another port, it is the only solution to make a 
separate port.

However, are the libraries separated, so it is possible to have both 

Fell free to modify the port or add a second one, I'm too busy at the 
moment. My intension for maintaining the port was the usage of grace 
during my PHD. Alas I've not using it anymore.

Best regards


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