single precision fftw wanted

NAKATA Maho chat95 at
Thu Sep 2 18:24:07 PDT 2004

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Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at> wrote:

> Yesterday I submitted a PR creating a port for gromacs.  I found a way 
> to change some flags so that it also works with double precision fftw. 
> It is at ports/71211.  It has WITHOUT_FFTW and WITH_FLOAT flags, etc, so 
> when a single precision fftw port is created, the gromacs port can be 
> easily modified.  (There is also a WITH_MPI flag, which I think also 
> should be an option with fftw - this will allow people to use clusters 
> of computers.)
very good work!

> To be honest I created this port because someone else asked me to - I 
> have never actually used gromacs myself.  So if anyone else wants to 
> take over the gromacs port (or write their own one) I am happy to pass 
> it on.

okay I'll be a maintainer of it, and creator is you!

thank you very much. I'll commit it after the ports freeze is over (17 Sep
2004), and starts tomorrow (3 Sep 2004). As you can see from:

Now I'm confirming your ports with 5.3-BETA.

Thank you very much,
--nakata maho


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