FreeBSD 5.3 Beta2 - OO does not compile

Andy Fawcett andy at
Thu Sep 2 12:44:35 PDT 2004

On Thursday 02 September 2004 22:00, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Andy Fawcett wrote:
> > I have 5.3-BETA2, built without libc_r to ensure I don't get
> > threading library conflicts (NOLIBC_R defined). I've made sure that
> > the libc_r.* files are not present on the system.
> >
> > When building OOo-1.1, the first failure is in gcc32 in the
> > gcc-java stuff. It tries to link against libc_r, and I needed to
> > define WITHOUT_LIBJAVA=yes to avoid this.
> I've no problem with compiling openoffice @5.3-BETA2... my make.conf
> says..
> [...]
> .elif ${_MY_PORTNAME} == "openoffice-1.1"
> #WITH_CCACHE=   yo
> .elif ${_MY_PORTNAME} == "popt"
> [...]
> So maybe try defining WITHOUT_MOZILLA and WITHOUT_JAVA - but it
> should work w/o defining them- at least with java. And mozilla of
> course by overriding the vuln. warnings...

Thanks, I'd pretty much got to this point myself, but it's good to hear 
confirmation it works for someone else too.

However, I do find it a bit strange that one of the premier applications 
has not been made safe wrt threading libs, especially after the major 
efforts made over the last year to get the ports tree into shape ready 
for libc_r NOT being the default lib.

Maybe there's time before the freeze tomorrow to change these flags to 
be the CORRECT default values for 5.3-RELEASE? (similarly for gcc32, 
which is required for building OOo).


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