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Simon Barner barner at
Thu Sep 2 11:25:52 PDT 2004

Vicki Brown wrote:
> Again, thanks for your efforts. I'm trying your port but I get an 
> error I don't understand
> make
> Error: bad value for PYTHON_VERSION: python2.3.
> Legal values are:
>   python1.5
>   python1.6
>   python2.0
>   python2.1
>   python2.2 (default).
> *** Error code 1
> Yet in the Makefile I see
> USE_PYTHON=     2.3+
> What does this error mean?

Probably that your ports collection is out of date...? In the current
ports tree, there is lang/python (2.3, default), and lang/python2.2,

Updating the tree might also fix your gcc problem (you could install
lang/gcc33 then). Unfortunately, you cannot specify the gcc version like
the python version yet.

If you can't build gcc from ports, why not install a package?

pkg_add -r -v gcc33

> (I have two pythons on this box; one is a stackless Python and the 
> other is "normal" Python 2.2; I only get the above error when I use 
> stackless and stackless is admittedly not what I should be using. So 
> I ask this question  more for my personal illumination and education).

So, does the port work if you use USE_PYTHON=2.2+? I checked the
synopsis documentation, but it does not say which python versions are

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