synopsis (was: Is there a mechanism for suggesting a package to be added to ports?)

Simon Barner barner at
Thu Sep 2 08:58:41 PDT 2004

Vicki Brown wrote:
> Yes; I had known that synopsis required g++ 3 or higher (I was unable 
> to download gcc  3.2 but did build 3.1)
> I shall indeed try the ports/patches as  recommended by you helpful 
> people and will assuredly send all information back to the developer. 
> He seems to be quite willing to add ifdef's and installation notes as 
> appropriate and appeared most interested in having his package build 
> for FreeBSD (as am I).


there is probably no need for #ifdefs, since the patches necessary for
FreeBSD won't break the build on other platforms. Encapsulating them
with #ifdef (__FreeBSD__) is just bloat IMO.

Since you seem to like Synopsis very much: Do you want to become the
maintainer of the port? It's always the best thing if a regular user of
a software is also its FreeBSD maintainer. It probably won't be too much
work, but there are some things that need to be done:

 - testing on FreeBSD 4 (especially with python and boehm-gc built with
   2.95 and synopsis built with 3.3)
 - the patches in the ports's files directory need to be sent to the
   maintainer (probably everything apart from patch-NOPORTDOCS)
 - the maintainer should be asked if the software could be made respect

Once you confirm that the port builds and runs on FreeBSD 4, I will
submit a PR.

Grab it from here:

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