PREFIX "cleverness"

Mike mike.patterson at
Thu Sep 2 06:28:42 PDT 2004

(I tried posting this yesterday, apparently to no avail, so apologies if 
this is a repost.)

I use quotation marks because I'm not certain what I intend to do is
clever, really, but it would make my life a lot easier.

I'm trying to make ports install themselves to something like
PREFIX/portname/, so that libtool15's binary would be
PREFIX/libtool15/bin and its man pages would be PREFIX/libtool15/man,

A quick read through the handbook and imply that there's no
current way to do it, but perhaps I missed something.  I'd be willing to
try hacking up Mk bits (either for committing or just for myself).

Or am I insane for wanting to force ports infrastructure to conform to
this sort of localism?


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