FreeBSD 5.3 Beta2 - OO does not compile

NAKATA Maho chat95 at
Wed Sep 1 18:26:31 PDT 2004

In Message-ID: <41366117.6000102 at> 
Matthias Fuhrmann <mka_fuhrmann at> wrote:

> AFAIS Mozilla 1.0.2 does not build because of vulnerabilities. Can I 
> link to Mozilla 1.7.2 to build OO properly? I do not understand why 
> there is Mozilla 1.0.2 necessary to build OO.

Currently I'm working on it. OOo 2.0 requires 1.7.2 but I'm not sure
OOo 1.1 series with Mozilla 1.7.2 runtime works or not.

it may be the right time to switch off mozilla support...
--nakata maho

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