Is there a mechanism for suggesting a package to be added to ports?

Anders Hanssen anders at
Wed Sep 1 16:39:26 PDT 2004


* "Vicki Brown" <vlb at>:
> When I try to build the code, I lose traction in a source file that
> wants to use the g++ math library.

I tried to build and install this on a FreeBSD-4.9 box, and its three issues
with it:

1) the math.h header needs to be included before the math functions are

2) on fbsd4 you have to link with '-pthread' instead of '-lpthread'.

3) in synopsis-0.7/Synopsis/Parsers/Cpp/ucpp/eval.c:78 you have to check for
FreeBSD as well (to get ulong typedef'ed). I *think* I added '||
defined(__FreeBSD__)' to the end of that line (not sure).

> Unfortunately, Python/C/C++ is not my forte and the folks on the
> synopsis mailing list don't use FreeBSD.

If you get them to fix the above, it'll build and install. Haven't tested if
the program actually works yet...


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