Static php4-openssl extension needed was: Missing SSL support in core php4

Michael Ranner mranner at
Wed Sep 1 11:15:52 PDT 2004

fsockopen() does not support SSL/TLS with shared OpenSSL extension. PHP
4.3.8 build from FreeBSD Ports with shared extenstions. Extension is
loaded according phpinfo(). Squirrelmail and other applications cannot
use fsockopen() with tls. I need to compile PHP4 with the static
OpenSSL extension.

Response from pollita at

It's known, it's been reported (many times) and can't be fixed within
the framework of PHP4.  PHP5 however abstracts transports out in a way
that makes it all work whether OpenSSL is compiled as a shared module
or staticly.

For PHP4, your only option is to compile the module staticly.  To bodge
dynamic registration of ssl:// and tls:// transports into PHP4 would
represent a major code change which will not happen within a point

So maybe we can optionally build static OpenSSL extension for PHP4 in FreeBSD 
to not break SSL support in core functions.

/\/\ichael Ranner

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