proposal of ports

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Wed Sep 1 03:13:33 PDT 2004

Luigi Pizzirani wrote:

> Hi, my name is Luigi . I would like to show you two codes of mine : the 
> first is a spoofed portscanner that uses Antirez ID bug (i.e. 
> incremental ID field of certain TCP/IP stacks of some zombie machine)  
> to forge the source IP address (you can find a paper of this at  
> -sorry, it's in Italian, but if you 
> are interested I can translate it- ). [...]
> The second one is a tool that uses ARP poisoning that I presented at 
> the MOCA ( to have a scenario like this: we 
> have a LAN and we want offer connectivity to everyone coming here with 
> his laptop for example. [...]
> Hoping that this stuffs may be of our interest I am looking forward to 
> have some answers and comments about this codes and the eventual 
> inclusion of them in the ports collection.

Make your own:


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