aagh! Not Frozen Bubble!

Lee Harr missive at hotmail.com
Mon May 31 07:24:06 PDT 2004

>I saw your posting about frozen-bubble and I'm experiencing the same
>problem. I though I'd give it at try and hear if you had found any

I have it working, but getting it to build / install straight from ports
is problematic.

I believe the problem is mostly due to having 2 (or 3?) different
versions of perl on my system. So... different ports (say perl-SDL)
get built with different versions of perl and so you do not actually
have all of the dependencies working with the right version of perl.

I am not exactly sure how I got it working. I believe it was some
fortuitous combination of "use.perl port" and rebuilding the
frozen-bubble requirements.

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